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What conditions do we treat?

At Holistic Healthcare Clinics we provide access to a multidisciplinary team of Acupuncturists, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists/Rehabilitators. This means as a patient, you will have a wealth of knowledge and experience aiding in your recovery from pain and discomfort.

We treat a wide range of conditions, with each clinical discipline having their main area of expertise. As a multi-disciplinary clinic, we treat musculoskeletal injuries such as back pain, neck pain, sciatica, repetitive strain injury, posture issues, tendonitis, frozen shoulder and plantar fasciitis. As an example; we use a combined approach of acupuncture that would to help reduce pain, osteopathy is then used to increase mobility within the multiple joints effected and then finally a physiotherapist would advise strengthening exercises to prevent any repeat of injury. 

We can also treat psychological condition such as stress and anxiety using a combined an approach of massage and acupuncture. Massage can be used to promote relaxation and the release of endorphins which reduce the effect of stress on the body. Acupuncture can help the body to produce endorphins by stimulating the superficial nerves.  

Holistic Healthcare Clinics is dedicated to helping you feel better

All of our clinicians have degree level qualifications in either Physiotherapy, Sports Therapy, Sports Rehabilitation, Acupuncture or Osteopathy. The passion for all of these subjects comes from the dedication to helping others. We will help reduce your pain, increase your sports performance, get you back to your favourite sport or hobby after injury and make daily and simple tasks easier. This makes the job we do very rewarding as we help people every day. Our multi-disciplinary clinic enables us to find the root cause of your pain as well as providing short term relief. If your issue is out of our scope of practice, we will refer you on to the right medical practitioner to ensure you get a quick and speedy recovery. Once referred externally we will follow up to check on how you progress outside of our clinic. 

Conditions Treated by Holistic Healthcare Clinics

Conditions of the head we treat

Headaches, Migraines, Allergic rhinitis, Facial pain, Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, Dental pain, Earache, Ménière disease, Sjögren syndrome

Conditions of the head we treat
Conditions of the neck we treat

Conditions of the neck we treat

Torticollis, Cervical Disc protrusion, Cervical Osteoarthritis, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Muscular strain, Sore throat, Whiplash.

Conditions of the shoulder we treat

Pain and discomfort within the shoulder region can be due to several causes. Some of the common diagnoses are-Rotator cuff problems, Frozen shoulder, Acromioclavicular joint dysfunction, Shoulder instability, Osteoarthritis and Referral. Through detailed examination, the osteopath will formulate their diagnosis and treat with a variety of techniques along with specific rehabilitation exercises in order to provide the correct care.

Conditions of the shoulder we treat
Conditions of the elbow and wrist we treat

Conditions of the elbow, arm, wrist we treat

Tennis elbow, Golfers elbow, Osteoarthritis, Biceps strain, Triceps strain, Cubital tunnel syndrome, Carpel tunnel syndrome, De Quervain's tenosynovitis, Osteoarthritis of the wrist and hand, Rheumatological conditions of the hand, Reynard's syndrome 

Conditions of the mid-back we treat

Posture, Muscle tension, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatological conditions, Rib dysfunction, Bronchial Asthma, Essential hypertension, Primary hypotension, Rib dysfunction, Peptic ulcer, Gastritis, Nausea and vomiting, Thoracic Arthritis, Thoracic disc protrusion, Breathing pattern dysfunction, Tietze syndrome 

Conditions of the mid back we treat
Conditions of the lower back pain we treat

Conditions of the lower back we treat

Lumbar disc protrusion, Lumbar Spondylosis/arthritis, Lumbar Spondylolisthesis, Sacroiliac joint dysfunction, Mechanical low back pain, Dysentery,Dysmenorrhoea, Sciatica, Infertility, Muscular strain 

Conditions of the hip we treat

Greater trochanteric pain syndrome, Piriformis syndrome, Hip impingement, Post-surgical pain, Snapping hip syndrome, Hip flexor strain, Adductor strain Pelvic/hip strength 

Conditions of the hip we treat
Conditions of the knee we treat

Conditions of the knee we treat

Patella instability, Iliotibial band friction syndrome, Patellofemoral pain syndrome, Osteoarthritis of the knee, Rheumatological pain, Ligament sprain, Pain from meniscal tear, Patella tendinopathy, Quadriceps tendinopathy, Osgood Schlatters, Sinding-Larsen-Johansson Syndrome, Fat pad impingement, Quadriceps strain, Hamstring strain 

Conditions of the foot and ankle we treat

Achilles tendinopathy, Calf Strain, Planter fasciitis, Hallux limitus, Gout, Peroneal tendinopathy, Medial tibial stress syndrome, Chronic ankle instability, Acute ankle sprain, Arthritic changes in the foot and ankle, Running mechanics

Conditions of the Ankle we treat
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