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Our Clinic Facilities

Our Clinic Facilities

With 6 clinic rooms, including a gym, Holistic Healthcare Clinics is ideally suited to help you in your healthcare needs. Each clinic room has hydraulic plinths designed for patient comfort and ease, as well as laminate floors, hand sanitiser and UV light disinfection to maintain high levels of hygeine. With a spacious waiting area and automated check in system, patients can notify their practitioner that they have arrived at the clinic.  A number of electronic treatment modalities may also be used by clinicians in order to improve diagnosis as well as speed up recovery. 

Latest Technology

Latest Healthcare Technology

Using the GE Logiq Ultrasound imaging machine, we are able to assess and diagnose a multitude of musculoskeletal, as well as neurological conditions, including both trauma related and degenerative conditions. These include, muscle strains, ligaments sprains, joint degeneration, cartilage damage and peripheral nerve compression. This allows for a more precise diagnosis and a more accurate treatment plan. Some of the biggest benefits of ultrasound imaging are that it has very minimal side effects and can be performed whilst the problematic area is being moved so we can see what is happening dynamically.

Our healthcare treatments

Our Treatments

Our treatments allow for patients to receive specific and relevant healthcare based on their conditions and evidence. Acupuncture has been used for centuries for ill health and recovery. Osteopathy is a form of manual medicine based on the principal that structure and function are interrelated. Physiotherapy is a form of manual medicine, which also uses exercise and advice in order to treat injuries, disability as well as illness. Sports therapists treat many sporting injuries, as well as every day injuries that can occur to muscles, joints and ligaments.

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